Guess Who? It's Awkward.
*At Sadar* *Has to eat unleavend bread*
Me: Balto, eat the bread!
Aiden: I don't want to!
Me: Balto! Eat it! Eat it Balto, eat the bread!
Aiden: NO! That bread tastes like cardboard!
*everyone stares at him*
Kyle: *laughs* Hey Aiden, shut up!
Aiden: *whisperes to me* why does everyone always stare at me?
Me: *whisperes back* because you're stupid and attractive!
Aiden: *whispers* *thinks for a moment* Understandable!
Me: *laughs*
Aiden: Yum! Ball soup, my favorite!

When I went to Aiden’s family reunion today, I went inside to get a fork. I came out of the house back into the backyard and everyone went silent and stared at me.

It was very akward! Very awkward indeed!

I almost cried…I seriously hate it when all the attention goes to me randomly.

I should be use to it though, happens a lot.

But I’m not.

I hate life!

fml -_-

So, my mother is high. I love her to death but she can be so childish. Since she’s high I convinced her to give me 100$.

Aliden’s little sister called me beautiful.

Of course I am!

Random chats :MomAiden:
Me: I wonder if Sushi likes his name...and knows why I named him Sushi.
Aiden: It's a fish, I doubt it.
*My mother enters the room*
Mom: Oh, morning kids! Hey do you have any pot?
Me+Aiden: *stare at her*
Mom: What? Just asking. *walks away*
Aiden: You have the best mother in the world.
Me: Dear Lord...
I have to pee!

I’m crying from my own story I’m writing, it’s at a very emotional part and very sad.

…and I’m crying from it!